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In a blast event, energy attenuation is the key to preventing injury or death. Recognizing this, MasterCraft® has designed a seat and restraint system to protect the occupant in a high G load situation. Testing by nationally recognized laboratories shows how well these seats stand up under extreme stress. To simulate a blast event, a MasterCraft® Crew Seat and a hybrid III crash dummy were subjected to multiple 50 G impulse tests. The dummies were instrumented to determine how much force was put into the pelvic region. At a 50 G impact, an 84% reduction of energy resulted in only 8 G's into the test dummies pelvis. No additional attenuation devices were used to help mitigate the force of the impact and 8 G's is well below the survivability threshold. In an actual blast event a MasterCraft® Crew Seat was tested with a charge equal to NATO STANAG 4569 Level 2a for grenade and blast mine threats with a Dynamic Response Index well within the survivability range.